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Wednesday BL- “ARGH!” – “A Brighter Summer Day”

A Brighter Summer Day

Taiwan, 1991

Directed by Edward Yang

How do you describe A Brighter Summer Day? I honestly don’t know where to begin. Allow me to paraphrase a famous quote – “Everyone who sees this film will be absolutely astonished because this really is the world in four hours.”

How do you create the world in four hours? By recognizing that the past and future are always present, that “the bombs we plant in each other are ticking away,” that objects hold great meaning, that life is fragmented in so many ways, and that the truth is hard-won.

The film: Unfortunately, A Brighter Summer Day is not available for purchase and has never been released on video in the western world. Outside of the occasional repertory screening, these links provide the only means of viewing it: Part I and Part II.

- Jonas Erickson

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