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mini-”ARGH!” – “Failed Toy Concepts” – Monday “ARGH!” ‘Toon – PREVIEW

So many career paths I could have traveled down… But I learned about them too late in life.

One career I would have kicked butt in would have been toy design.

On Monday, you’ll see which toy concepts of mine has gotten this kid sooooo giddy.

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Monday “ARGH!” ‘Toon – “Sad Realities…” – Seattle Edition

Starbucks is hard to escape.

I don’t hate Starbucks. I embrace all the attention it’s brought to Seattle.

However, why buy Starbucks at the airport for a Seattle-bound flight?!

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Monday “ARGH!” ‘Toon – “Zombie BBQ”

On HGN’s (Home and Garden Network’s) program House Hunters International it’s inevitable there are some American DINK couples searching for a third or fourth “vacation home” (preferably beachfront, of course) in some exotic, impoverished country.

Included in these couples’ laundry lists of desired culturally-sensitive amenities — aside from the dwelling must be over 3,000 square feet and cost under $100,000 — is, without fail, a barbecue.

For those who watch this program, try this drinking game: whenever a property buyer says “Where’s the barbecue?” or “This would be a great place for our barbecue!” inhale 20 oz. of chardonnay from a beer bong.

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