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Monday “ARGH!” ‘Toon – “Friend Request”

Facebook has forever impacted the concepts friend, friendship, and relationship.

Not necessarily for the better, which is not a big revelation.

While I understand and embrace many of  the positive merits Facebook offers, I think it’s given people yet another excuse to be lame.  The devaluation of “friend” has caused my left eyebrow to tilt and adopt Frankie (Keyshia Cole’s mom) Lons’ mantra: “My triggers are people, places, and things!”

And yes, my left eyebrow has a mind of its own.

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Movie Review Cartoon – Woody Allen’s “You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger”

Woody Allen was last seen in 2008 (Vicky Cristina Barcelona).  He was briefly seen in 2007 (Cassandra’s Dream) and in 2006 (Scoop).  If you see him you are asked to contact me ASAP!

You can sniff out clues to Woody’s whereabouts when You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger makes its DVD/Blu-Ray debut on Feb. 15.

Purchase this movie review cartoon as a poster, greeting card, blank notecard HERE!

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PREVIEW – Movie Review Cartoon – “You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger”

From my sketchbook, this is a deleted sequence from my movie review cartoon of You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger.  This was very roughly drawn in a darkened movie theater.

This sequence starred Antonio Banderas and Naomi Watts.

On the plus+side, it would have allowed me to create another drawing of Watts.  On the down-side, it was belaboring a point…dragging out an already long movie review cartoon.

CLICK HERE for another preview!

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Thursday “ARGH!” – Glenn Beck’s New Book

Glenn Beck’s rise to stardom is a head-scratcher.

He even got the key to his hometown of Mount Vernon, WA.

If, or when, I ever receive the key to my hometown of Satsop, WA (where, I believe, the cowpie is considered the sixth food group), I’ll know that I really made it.

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Wednesday’s “BL-ARGH!” – “Feeding My Brain” (or “The Beauty of Grey Skies”)

When Radiohead offered their seventh studio album In Rainbows for digital download in October 2007, customers could name their own price for the music.  Since “free” could have been my price, some thought me a chump for paying anything (I believe I paid $8); it’s a great album.  I wasn’t raised Catholic, but I possess guilt issues which prevent me from being a complete freeloader.

Offering anything on the Internet is a precarious venture due to the money thing.  I was aware of this while I developed “ARGH! Central” and remain ambivalent.  It’s a looming cloud.  Luckily, grey skies invigorate my Scandinavian blood.

If not for the Internet, regardless of its pitfalls, the ideas within www.arghcentral.com would remain private, hidden away inside ink-splotched, dusty sketchbooks.  This forum allows me the privilege of sharing my silliness with you.  I hope it provides you something every weekday; at the very least, a smile.

Allow me to draw your attention to the central image above, “Feed My Brain.” It can be found throughout the site.  What is its function?  Clicking on “Feed My Brain” transports you to a PayPal account, enabling you to donate directly to “ARGH! Central” without engaging a middleman.

Contributions drain directly to me.  I like to think of it as a ballot box: your donations are votes of confidence.  Merchandise (T-shirts, posters, mugs and more) for sale works nearly the same way.

If you cannot afford to feed my brain or buy my stuff, spreading the word (via Twitter, Facebook, or old-fashioned communication — email, texting, talking, screaming and mind-reading — about “ARGH! Central” to friends, family, and/or foes is equally valuable.  Anything helps.  (FYI: for comparison’s sake, the Confession: A Roman Catholic App for iPhone costs $1.99.)

I love what I’m doing here on “ARGH! Central.” I hope you like it, too.

I appreciate your willingness to stand with me under the clouds, (maybe rainbows in the far distance) discovering the beauty of grey skies.

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