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Monday “ARGH!” ‘Toon – “A Study In Proportions”

I find “truck nuts” to be the strangest of vehicle accessories.

Apparently, they’re illegal in some parts of the country and a topic that has titillated FOX News followers.

If a man’s vehicle and these accessories are the personification of their … well, you know … it should be a far more alarming indication that thousands of men suffer from b.b.-sized … well, you know. This condition should be considered an epidemic.

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mini-”ARGH!” – Wednesday BL- “ARGH!” – “Chie The Brat”

Not all Japanese animated films feature big boobs, gore galore, and rock ‘em-sock ‘em robots.

Guest writer Jonas Erickson examines the genuinely mature Chie The Brat by Isao Takahata in Wednesday’s BL- “ARGH!” entry!

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