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Thursday POP/News “ARGH!” – “Charlie Sheen Fashion Line”

I am sad for Charlie Sheen, though especially for his kids.

He’ll either rebound successfully like Robert Downey Jr., or will succumb to the tragedy that’s befallen the famous and not so famous.

I do wonder: What do the voices in his head really sound like? Are they whispers? Are they muffled? Do they make sounds, as Peter Gabriel describes in My Head Sounds Like That:

“…the knife it scrapes across the burnt brown toast/

the freight train rumbles past my window/

oh my head sounds like that/

oh my head…”

Would we ignore him if he wore this shirt?

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Wednesday BL-”ARGH!” – “The Silent Skirmish”

During Sunday’s Academy Award ceremony, Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award winner Francis Ford Coppola and Honorary Oscar® recipients Kevin Brownlow and Eli Wallach walked together onto Hollywood’s Kodak Theatre’s stage to rousing applause.

Few viewers at home (or in the theatre audience … and seemingly the entire Hollywood press for that matter) would have known that the relationship between Coppola and Brownlow has been a long, complicated, and contentious one.

“ARGH!” Central’s guest contributor Jonas Erickson explains how a classic silent film is at the center of their storm.

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Wednesday BL-”ARGH!” – “21st Century Job Search”

Let’s face it: it’s a full-time job applying for a job in 2011.

In the “old days,” a person would write up their resume and a cover letter and submit it (via snail mail or fax) for employment.  Typically, those potential employers would courteously call or send a letter to rejected applicants.

Not anymore in the 21st Century.

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