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Thursday POP/News “ARGH!” – “Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark-Reboot”

Peter Parker began from humble beginnings.

On paper, sure, spandex-clad characters flying through the air seems like a natural fit for Broadway. But zipping to the tippy-top of Broadway superstardom may have been too ambitious. (Although Spider-Man has had a bumpy ride to many a stage over the years.)

I suggest karaoke!

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Wednesday BL-”ARGH!” – “Comic Book INTERVENTION!”

Recently, Seattle survived another infiltration of stereotypes at the 9th Annual Emerald City Comicon.

Consider this BL-”ARGH!” a public service to future attendees of ECCC and numerous other similar comic book conventions held throughout the U.S. and abroad …

Click HERE for the complete Wednesday BL-”ARGH!”

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Monday “ARGH!” ‘Toon – “Zombie Compost”

I welcome the impending zombie apocalypse with open brains.

Only then will I make millions from my zombie compost and recycling programs.

Hurry it up already!

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