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Thursday POP/News “ARGH!” – “New SURVIVOR Immunity Challenge Idea”

You get a couple of wet, freezing, starving, sand-between-the-toes borderline-homicidal SURVIVOR contestants and give them this challenge?

Epic results!

And it provides major product promotional tie-in potential!

I’m holding all phone calls while I await Jeff Probst to let me know how brilliant this is.

(finger tap…finger tap…finger tap…)

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Wednesday BL-”ARGH!” – “Theaters: Where The Heart’s Not At”

Leaving BATTLE: LOS ANGELES (yes, a movie review cartoon will arrive this Friday on that one) this pictured theater “lobby” display captured my attention.  Not because it’s remarkable.  But the cardboard display and its “hole in the head” reminded about the temporary aesthetic of most modern movie theaters.


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