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Monday “ARGH!” ‘Toon – “A Study In Proportions”

I find “truck nuts” to be the strangest of vehicle accessories.

Apparently, they’re illegal in some parts of the country and a topic that has titillated FOX News followers.

If a man’s vehicle and these accessories are the personification of their … well, you know … it should be a far more alarming indication that thousands of men suffer from b.b.-sized … well, you know. This condition should be considered an epidemic.

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Wednesday BL- “ARGH!” – “Chie The Brat”

Chie the Brat

Japan, 1981

Directed by Isao Takahata

Chie the Brat isn’t available in the west and that’s a damn shame because this is precisely the kind of thing Japanese animation (and Japanese cinema) does so well…

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“Poopy Pants” – The Comic Book! – FOR SALE!

Want to relive the heartwarming tale about a little kid and his poopy pants?  Want to send a passive-aggressive message to someone, hoping they get the message that they smell or have a poopy pants problem?

Wait no longer because “ARGH!” Central’s online comic series is NOW AVAILABLE as “Poopy Pants” – The Comic Book! This is not just a reproduction of the popular A!C series…no siree!


  • All 15 Chapters!
  • Color cover!
  • An autograph by Creator/Cartoonist Paul Sundstrom!

How can you get your hands on a copy?  Click on the FEED MY BRAIN icon (at the bottom of this page) and donate a MINIMUM of $10 to “ARGH!” Central. (Proceeds will not be used for EVIL, I promise!)

Once you’ve submitted your donation, please email YOUR NAME and MAILING ADDRESS to paul@paulsundstrom.com

“Poopy Pants” – The Comic Book! (which is NOT available anywhere else) will be mailed within 10 business days upon receipt of your donation!  Thank You!

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Special BL- “ARGH!” – “King of Kings” – Review

In 1961, King of Kings was panned, cynically perceived as commercial sacrilege. Cooler heads have since prevailed and its stature has risen tremendously in the years since, even among Christians. “It’s just a cash in,” they once said…

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