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Thursday POP/News “ARGH!” – “Charlie Sheen Fashion Line”

I am sad for Charlie Sheen, though especially for his kids.

He’ll either rebound successfully like Robert Downey Jr., or will succumb to the tragedy that’s befallen the famous and not so famous.

I do wonder: What do the voices in his head really sound like? Are they whispers? Are they muffled? Do they make sounds, as Peter Gabriel describes in My Head Sounds Like That:

“…the knife it scrapes across the burnt brown toast/

the freight train rumbles past my window/

oh my head sounds like that/

oh my head…”

Would we ignore him if he wore this shirt?

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Thursday News/POP “ARGH!”

It’s OSCAR time this Sunday.  After watching The King’s Speech I reminded myself it was a production of The Weinstein Company.  And then the memories flooded back … watching The English Patient upon its initial release was quite a memorable experience.

And it’s memorable for the same reasons expressed by Elaine on Seinfeld.

It remains, for me, an unforgivable offense.

Click HERE for another Oscar-related Thursday News/POP “ARGH!”

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Thursday POP “ARGH!” – “The Real Housewives of Gambell, Alaska”

Forever ago, I was offered a teaching position in Gambell, Alaska.  I hadn’t heard of — let alone knew anything about — Gambell, Alaska.

Some school personnel tried to entice me with these attractive facts: I would have to poop into a bucket since indoor plumbing was non-existent; the village, located in the Arctic Circle on St. Lawrence Island, was closer to Russia than America (you really can see Russia from your backyard there); because of the unpredictable weather, residents with serious medical needs often died after waiting for aircraft to arrive or be cleared for takeoff…assuming the aircraft didn’t also crash.

I’m sure you can imagine, the thought of living in Gambell was sexy incarnate.  I told the school reps I needed to discuss it with my then-fiance.  ”We need to know now!” one insisted.

Surprisingly, I promptly declined their offer (to the delight of my now-wife).  They wanted a live body, not a teacher.

I knew someday I would be able to actually visit Gambell, Alaska.  Thankfully, it was from the comforts of my imagination and drawing pad.

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Thursday “ARGH!” – Glenn Beck’s New Book

Glenn Beck’s rise to stardom is a head-scratcher.

He even got the key to his hometown of Mount Vernon, WA.

If, or when, I ever receive the key to my hometown of Satsop, WA (where, I believe, the cowpie is considered the sixth food group), I’ll know that I really made it.

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