“Poopy Pants” – The Comic Book! – FOR SALE!

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“Poopy Pants” – The Comic Book! – FOR SALE!

Want to relive the heartwarming tale about a little kid and his poopy pants?  Want to send a passive-aggressive message to someone, hoping they get the message that they smell or have a poopy pants problem?

Wait no longer because “ARGH!” Central’s online comic series is NOW AVAILABLE as “Poopy Pants” – The Comic Book! This is not just a reproduction of the popular A!C series…no siree!


  • All 15 Chapters!
  • Color cover!
  • An autograph by Creator/Cartoonist Paul Sundstrom!

How can you get your hands on a copy?  Click on the FEED MY BRAIN icon (at the bottom of this page) and donate a MINIMUM of $10 to “ARGH!” Central. (Proceeds will not be used for EVIL, I promise!)

Once you’ve submitted your donation, please email YOUR NAME and MAILING ADDRESS to paul@paulsundstrom.com

“Poopy Pants” – The Comic Book! (which is NOT available anywhere else) will be mailed within 10 business days upon receipt of your donation!  Thank You!

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